Why become a stall holder?

– Paws-Fest is the largest doggy market held in the inner city Brisbane area.

– Both indoor and outdoor market spaces available.

– Great exposure to the local community.

– Sponsorship opportunities available for increased exposure through RSPCA QLD and Paws & Relax.

– All admission costs go towards supporting animals in need thanks to RSPCA QLD.

Presenter Information

An indoor stage area with seating will be used for additional/educational presentations free for the public to attend throughout the event. Opportunities are available for select businesses to present on topics related to any and all things dog. This includes but is not limited to dog welfare, health, behaviour or enrichment.

Are you interested in becoming a stall holder or presenter for Paws-Fest 2021? Stay tuned to find out more!

Please provide a formal description of your business, this should include information about your products/services and what you do day to day.
Please provide a detailed description of what you intend to sell/promote/do/present at the markets, including a brief outline of your setup.
Read: I understand and will abide by the RSPCA QLD food policy as part of my business' participation at this event. Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.