Ashley Taylor - Dog First Aid Medic

9:30am - 10am

Ashley Taylor is a Dog Handler and Medic of 15 years, specializing in Canine pre-veterinarian care.

He is an accomplished professional in 3 key areas. Training, Human / Canine Medic and an experience Security Professional. He proudly conducts himself with integrity and considers his ability to push through any challenge and being adaptable as his key strengths.

As a Trainer, Ashley uses educational psychology, real world experience, and life like training to enhance his students experience within the classroom. He has trained hundreds of students over his 10+ year career.

As a Medic, he has the experience and qualifications to provide pre-hospital and pre-veterinarian care to both Humans and Canines. Mixed with his protection experience, he can provide medic services in hostile, remote and security environments.

As a Security Professional, Ashley has been a Canine Handler for over 10+ years. He has experience handling a range of different breeds of dogs with different temperaments. He has been credited with saving numerous staff and bystanders from hostile environments by using his Canine team mate to overcome violent situations and people. He believes his ability to fluently read people (Predictive Behavior and Body Language Recognition including micro expressions) as his key to success over the many years.

Talk Topic: Most Common Dog Trauma & Dog CPR

This demonstration will cover the basics needed to perform CPR on your dog in an emergency. Ashley will show you how to perform CPR on a Dog and what process to follow. He will also discuss the three biggest killers of dogs, and how to quickly and safely deal with these emergencies.

Ruth Hatten - Animal Naturopath and Pet Nutritionist

11am - 11:30am

Ruth Hatten (Sahaja Animal Healing) is an animal lover, animal naturopath, pet nutritionist and energy healer. She lives on the Sunshine Coast, Qld with her three feline kids.

With qualifications in small animal naturopathy and reiki, Ruth has helped hundreds of animals around the world feel healthier using nutrition and other natural modalities.

Ruth adores animals and her mission is to help animals be healthier and happier with her combined approach of animal naturopathy, pet nutrition and energy healing.

Talk Topic: Nutrition and Natural Medicine

In this session, pet nutritionist and animal naturopath, Ruth Hatten, is going to reveal the foods that may be contributing to poor health in our companion animals and how these foods are impacting on their longevity and increasing the chance of disease.

Ruth believes that prevention is better than cure and she seeks to educate people on how they can feed their cats or dogs in a way that promotes good health and wellness. She is also an advocate for natural, whole food nutrition and natural medicines in helping companion animals heal from disease.

This session will include discussion on:

  • the foods that may be contributing to poor health,
  • the impact of nutrition on health,
  • the relationship between food and disease,
  • real-life case studies, and
  • options available to you for improving your pet's health and increasing their chance of avoiding disease.

Mini-Consults (click HERE to book)

$20 donation per pup + handler

Curious to know how nutrition and natural remedies could help your animal be the healthiest they can be? Sit down with Ruth, fill her in on your animal's physical, emotional and mental health and she will provide you with insights for natural solutions to help your animal.

Catherine Gabbott - Suppawtive Health Solutions

1:15pm - 2pm

Catherine Gabbott (Suppawtive Health Solutions) started Suppawtive Health Solutions in 2016 in Brisbane, Australia when she qualified with a certificate in Small Animal Nutrition from the National College of Traditional Medicine. Returning to college, Catherine studied Canine Bowen Therapy, veterinary nursing, canine myofunctional therapy and a Diploma of Naturopathy for companion pets; and is currently studying a certificate in canine fitness through the Companion Animal Science Institute in Canada.

Suppawtive Health Solutions provide customised advice and treatments based on your pets specific needs. This includes nutritional advice, bodywork, laser, conditioning plans and holistic treatment plans based on natural therapies that enable the body to function properly, prevent disease, treat illness, optimise health and wellbeing.

Bodywork, which includes myofunctional and Bowen therapy, is any therapeutic technique that involves working with the body aiming to assess and improve posture, promote awareness of the body-mind connection, reduce pain and assist healing of musculoskeletal conditions and acute injuries. The objective of bodywork treatments is to improve circulation, muscle elasticity, restore muscle function, reduce pain and promote healing.

Bowen Therapy is a dynamic bodywork technique that can be applied remedially or holistically. It is relatively gentle, can be very relaxing and empowers the body’s own healing resources achieving balance and harmony, resulting in fast and lasting relief from pain and discomfort.

By using a multimodal approach in her treatment plans, including laser and conditioning, clients report that their dogs respond well, often saying that their dogs have more flexibility, better posture, an improved gait, a happier demeanour and a better quality of life.

Talk Topic: Dog Bodywork, Laser and Conditioning

Catherine will speak about Introductory Bodywork, laser and conditioning and how they work together to improve a pet's quality of life.